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More recently the idea of adventure travel has been going around. People are looking to get out of their comfort zones and try new and exciting things, but what exactly is the definition of an adventure traveler?

Let’s quickly cover a couple of things that are not considered adventure. Vacationing at a resort and spending days on the beach or poolside, although enjoyable, is not adventurous. Going on cruise for a week or two at a time where the idea is to relax on the water and have a good time isn’t adventurous either.

What is adventure travel?

Immediately, thoughts of climbing mountains, trekking through jungles, sky diving and swimming with sharks comes to mind. All of those can be considered adventurous and none of those tend to be a common thing to do for the majority of people.

As much as the term applies to those activities, being an adventure traveler simply means being courageous enough to go out and try something new.

For some people that something new can be embarking on a road trip a couple of hundred miles away, going the nearest city to enjoy the Friday night art walk, even just exploring the scene at the local art picnic. What is adventurous for one person may not be for the next person and vice versa. We all have our own comforts and boundaries.

There is an idea that adventure travel means thrilling, on the edge and potentially dangerous experiences. As long as we are able to push our own boundaries and get out of our comfort zone that is the true meaning of adventure travel.

Who knows, that road trip can be the catalyst for a start in pursing bigger and greater things. All it takes is one step to get some momentum and continue moving. That person that started off as shy and barely willing to step out of the house might end up one day white water rafting and base jumping from tall structures.

In the end you should decide for yourself if you’re an adventure traveler. Are you trying something new and going somewhere different? When you look back at an experience are you wondering how you did it or why you made the choice to do it in the first place? If so, then pat yourself on the back because as long as it evoked some type of exciting and thrilling emotion within you, then you’re an adventure traveler!

From an article by Pablo Gusman.