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One of the most visited European destinations for bicycle touring is Italy. You will not be alone as many local cyclists also fill the bicycle paths and country roads. Surprisingly, Italians are very gentle when passing cyclists so do not let their reputation for fast driving deter you.

The top 5 bicycle touring regions of Italy:


This region is on the must do list of everyone who bicycle tours. Although there are no signed bicycle routes in the region there are many quiet and scenic roads between the major towns which are well signed. You can expect some major climbs as you bicycle tour through the hills covered with either sunflowers or bright red poppies, depending on the season.

In the southern Tuscany your cycling is in the area between Cortona, Montepolciano and Montalcino. In central Tuscany you will be bicycle touring it is the area between Siena and Florence including San Gimignano and the wine region of Chianti. And in the north the best cycling is found in the area around Lucca. Either base yourself in a villa for daily trips or easily join the three regions in one longer journey.


the next door neighbor to Tuscany which often combined to create a longer bicycle touring journey including both regions. Cyclists will want to head for Perugia, well known for its chocolates, the hilltop town Todi and the religious center of Assisi. Umbria, like Tuscany is a hilly region so expect many nice climbs.


A little to the northeast of Umbria is Puglia with bicycle touring along the rugged Adriatic coastline. So you can expect excellent Italian seafood cuisine along your way.

The countryside also features olive grove plantations surrounding charming white walled villages.


The terrain of this area is mostly flat, which may come as a joy to some and you may be pleasantly surprised by the fabulous scenery and historic towns. Unlike some of the other regions there are a number of bicycle paths for the cyclist. In Bassano del Grappa taste the famous liqueur made here; in Asolo you have elegant homes and great red wines; Stra is known for its many villa which are really palaces. In Padua there are some ancient museums and one of the world’s oldest universities. Of course, there is Venice, to both visit and cycle along the islands of the Lido area.


Not quite as well known, this northern bicycle touring region offers rolling terrain along quiet roads. The region is best known for its medieval towns surrounded by vineyards with the Alps in the background. Along your journey enjoy fine truffles, cheeses and the excellent chocolate.

The best time to go bicycle touring in any of these regions is from May to June or September to October.

So for you next European bicycle touring journey go to the land you have always dreamed about, Italy. It is everything you always imaged.

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