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One of the top backpacking hammocks on the market is the Hennessy hammock. Clearly, Hennessy has put the pedal to the metal when if comes to outpacing much of their competition when it comes to offering camping hammocks that include a patented design with innovative and original features that really do make a difference in the camper’s comfort and convenience.

It’s one thing to boast about certain aspects of a hammock but when they actually help the camper to have confidence and enjoy their hiking hammock it takes on a whole new meaning. Hennessy has spent years perfecting their designs and making them applicable to campers all over the world. It’s not just making changes to the traditional hammock that makes a manufacturer stand out, it’s using experience and time in the field to make them better that matters.

These are the features of the Hennessy hammock that makes them special and a major standout in hammocks for camping.


One of the biggest assets is Hennessy’s patented shape which is asymmetrical and differentiated in it’s measurements. The most comfortable way to sleep in a hammock to get maximum relaxation is sleeping at a diagonal. Many people don’t realize this and they think sleeping straight down the length of the hammock is how it is done but this makes for a major bowing in the body’s shape and less ease. Instead, Hennessy make their hammocks with an axis on the diagonal. They refer to this as the Asym. This means that the anchor point on the right side has been moved down near the knee and the left side point lifted up near the shoulder. This makes it feel that much longer with more area for comfort. The same was done with the rainfly along with thirty percent more material added.

Another patented aspect that makes the sleeping experience better in this type of hammock is the zipperless snap tight type of closure. The weight of the person actually causes the entrance to close due to the tension. Their perfect set patented design makes it so that the ridgeline of the hammock is maintained over multiple uses and makes it so the back stays level and straight when laying on the diagonal.

The centered balance feature keeps the user from losing their balance when entered or exiting the Hennessy hammock because the entrance area is in the center of the hammock. The camper can slip in from underneath and then when the entry way closes behind them there is no moving over the side making it easier and safer to get inside.

Hennessy hammocks are a top-of-the-line backpacking hammock made with quality material. Hiking hammocks are a good way to explore the outdoors in a new, fun and creative approach.

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