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New Zealand is an Island nation and a great spot for travelling due to its abundance of natural beauty and Backpacking is possibly the best way to truly appreciate New Zealand’s awesome scenery and friendly communities.

Most towns have some form of budget accommodation and if you are in a campervan or have a tent there are a lot of camping grounds in each area. The summer months are when most backpackers travel here, and with beaches all around providing great scenery and swimming you don’t need a great deal of money to have a good time. If you fancy taking to the slopes there are also some superb ski-fields, so a trip at the end of winter and staying on for the spring is an option a lot of travellers explore.

Staying at hostels and campgrounds is a great way to make new friends and discuss the best places to go with fellow travellers. If you are travelling on your own you might meet others who are doing the same, and often people will find a travel partner they can share petrol and other costs with this way.

New Zealand has two main islands, the North island and the South island, and although similar in size, the North island has over two thirds of the total population. The two Islands have their own unique qualities and you will never truly appreciate New Zealand until you have seen them both. New Zealand has many walking tracks ranging from 1 day to two weeks, with the exception of the Te Araroa walk which effectively follows the length of New Zealand, an awesome way to see the country if tramping is your thing, although allow at least twelve weeks for this as it covers approximately three thousand kilometres.

New Zealand’s main form of public transport is buses, With many companies offering tours from one day to three weeks. One company, Intercity, has a large fleet of reliable, clean buses and will give a discount to backpackers, as well as having extra special fares for New Zealand’s top destinations. Their sister company, Great Sights, are a long established company that run tours in most regions highlighting the spectacles and most visited tourist destinations. Although New Zealand receives a lot of visitors over the summer, you never feel crowded and with the vast amount of walking tracks, beaches, mountains and action adventure activities, there is always some near-by to escape the city and get back to nature.

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